Top 3 Background Check Sites for Dating

Top 3 Background Check Sites for Dating

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Nowadays, dating has become easier than ever,  especially with the progressive technology that led to the emergence of various online dating sites. However, no matter how many safety measures these platforms take, online dating will still have certain dangers – fraud and identity theft included. 

So, of course, it’s not a shock that many of its users try to search the people they matched with over the internet. Approximately 75% of these online connections are made without any prior meetings. Hence, many people try to find out what the other person is like apart from what they claim to be. 

Although Google works, the information it provides is far more limited and can easily be fabricated. Fortunately, some companies can do the background check for you more accurately. 


Top 3 Background Check Companies

Here are some of the best companies for background checking:

Instant CheckMate
Product Title
Product Title
Instant CheckMate
Key Features
Key Features
Best in customer service and convenience
Best in social media aggregation
Best in customizable reports
Round the clock customer service is offered, Presents a single comprehensive report on the person, Utilizes the deep web for data gathering
Utilizes deep web for data gathering, Obtains social media information, Has a blog on online safety advice
Reports are easy to navigate and customizable, Round the clock customer service available

#1. CheckPeople

Made for easy navigation, CheckPeople offers its services at utmost convenience and customer satisfaction. The reports are made to be easy to comprehend and are compiled into one single report. 

In addition, they offer unlimited searches and allows you to make your initial background search at no cost. Plus, if the free searches don’t satisfy you, you can avail of a monthly subscription so that you can make unlimited background checks on different people.

Moreover, CheckPeople collects information via the deep web, allowing them to dig deeper about a person. With their help, you can expect to receive more than surface information, as you may be presented with detailed reports on their criminal records, court documents, and the like. 

Furthermore, CheckPeople could also access lost accounts, blog posts, and social media accounts. They also can do thorough criminal background checks for you while you wait for the final report. 

Here are the types of information that CheckPeople can collect for you:

  • Work background checks
  • Personal information
  • Court documents nationwide
  • Deep web searches
  • Old and new contact information
  • Possible criminal and arrest records

With all these, you are assured that you are engaging with someone reliable and trustworthy. After all, by conducting a background check, it keeps you and your loved ones safe from scam and dangerous predators that are searching for victims online.

  #2. TruthFinder

They are known for being one of the companies that provide the most accurate background checks. This is crucial since many background checking companies can be erroneous when it comes to collecting data due to out-of-date information. In contrast, TruthFinder maintains its reputation by keeping up-to-date records. 

Moreover, TruthFinder is available as apps on both android and iOS and can search up to a wide range of parameters. Plus, by becoming a member, users are given the freedom to make unlimited background searches. 

Furthermore, this company presents updated personal information about the person you’re checking – social media included. Aside from this, for those who are unfamiliar with how it works, TruthFinder also clearly explains how the collected data may be used in the future. Not to mention, the platform is user-friendly. 

Lastly, for a small extra fee, you may even download a PDF of a background report. Here are some of the valuable information you may collect on TruthFinder:

  • Criminal records
  • Employment records
  • Contact information
  • Properties
  • Education
  • Social media
  • Personal information

Overall, what’s excellent about TruthFinder is that it also complies with privacy laws; hence, you won’t have to worry about doing illegal searches and violating federal and state regulations.

 #3. Instant CheckMate

Last but not least is Instant CheckMate. Instant CheckMate is also one of the most reliable companies for background checking. In fact, what sets it apart from other companies is that users are given the freedom to customize the content of their background reports. 

This means that you can decide how detailed it would be, making it an excellent choice for those who plan to make bulk reports. In addition, private investigators are also included as a service for those who want it.

In general, Instant CheckMate offers three types of reports to their clients:

  • Email reports
  • Standard reports
  • Premium reports

Both email and standard reports are inclusive to your membership and allow unlimited searches per month. However, the email reports are less detailed and would only collect data on the person’s name, address history, social media, and close relatives, while standard reports track criminal records, government licenses, and the like. 

On the other hand, premium reports are the most understandable of them all and require additional cost. These can provide information such as civil judgments, owned properties, weapon permits, professional licenses, business associates, and even neighbors. 

Nevertheless, if you are on a budget, you could also opt to download free downloadable copies of a background report.



Overall, background checks are not only for those who practice online dating but also for other purposes. Suppose you feel unsure about a specific person and feel the need to be extra cautious in these trying times. In that case, there is absolutely nothing wrong with checking a person’s reliability. 

After all, spending money on safety and security can go a long way. Furthermore, with relationships often formed online, people should be well aware of how easy it is to fake information online and not be too trusting. After all, these could cost you many things such as money, time, and worse, your life. 

Of course, these are not the only companies you can run to if you want to get a background check done. Aside from the three companies mentioned above, you may also check out these other background check sites:

  • InfoTracer – Best for fast searches and same-day services that rely on public records
  • BeenVerified – Best for beginners with its engaging and user-friendly interface 
  • Spokeo – Best for users on a budget