5 Best Seed Banks that ship to USA

5 Best Seed Banks that ship to USA

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If you are thinking of importing cannabis seeds to the USA, it is important that you choose one of the best seedbanks from which to buy. There are a huge number of cannabis seed banks around the world nowadays, however, these seed banks vary in their reliability and seed quality. Choosing the right seed bank is essential if you are to receive high-quality seeds that will achieve good germination rates and yields.

#1.ILGM Seed Bank

The ILGM seed bank is renowned for being one of the best for quality cannabis seeds. It offers a money-back policy if your cannabis seeds fail to germinate and every seed that is sold is hand-selected by the owner of the seed bank. In addition to this, this seed bank offers an exceptional standard of customer service and has received an overall rating of 4.8 stars, from 4000 reviews—owing to the high-quality experience that people have.   

The only real downside to this seed bank is in the fact that its strain selection is limited to just 80 strains. However, when the seeds are of such a high quality, do you really need hundreds to choose from? You can check its reviews on Trustpilot. If you want to read an expert review, check this review by a veteran grower.

#2.True North Seed Bank

Based in Canada, the True North seed bank is one of the most reputable seed banks online. The company offers an impressive selection of over 1500 different strains, and sorting through these strains is made easy thanks to the detailed menu that the website offers. In addition to this, the company offers bulk buy discounts for orders with over fifty of the same seed variety.

The company has a good reputation for offering fair and helpful customer service, and getting in touch with the company is made easy thanks to the numerous different contact methods. Arguably the only downside is the fact that some of the seed quality can be variable, due to the fact that the company works with over fifty breeders; if you choose the right seeds, though, the True North seed bank could be a winner for you!


#3.MSNL Seed Bank

As a seed bank that is located in the UK, the MSNL seed bank is one choice that many cannabis growers love thanks to the exceptionally high quality of the seeds that are sold here. The owner of the seed bank is actually a geneticist himself, and this means that buyers can be confident in the quality of seeds that they are buying. MSNL also offers a reasonable strain selection of over 200 different types of seeds.

Customer service is strong with the MSNL seed bank and the website is easy to use and well laid out. However, the primary downside with this seed bank is in the fact that the number of payment methods available here is limited.

#4.Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Also known as the Canada seed bank, Quebec Cannabis Seeds is a seed bank that offers a number of different options for people looking to buy high-quality cannabis seeds online. The company has over fifteen years of experience in the cannabis seeds industry and specializes in providing seeds that are high quality, with the optimum levels of both THC and CBD.


The seed bank offers a large number of different seeds and frequently offers discounts and special offers on their seeds. They are well known for offering fast and fair delivery to the USA, and this reputation has made them one of the number one seed banks to buy from. However, it should be noted that the website for Quebec Cannabis seeds can be a little difficult to use for people visiting for the first time.

#5.Grower’s Choice

If you’re looking for a reputable cannabis seed bank then Grower’s Choice could be good for you. While the selection at this seed bank is somewhat limited, with just 40 different strains being available, this is made up for by the exceptionally high-quality seeds that are offered. Only the very best worldwide genetics are used and this means that buyers can be confident of getting the best quality seeds possible when buying from Grower’s Choice.


For people looking for USA cannabis seeds, Grower’s Choice really cannot be rivaled. This is due to the fact that the company itself is based in California—negating the need for risky customs checks!